Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Usman Public School's (Karachi) worst behavior with parents.

Staff of Usman public school Karachi (near sakhi Hassan chowrangi, Montessori campus) is independent in making decisions for the cancellation of admission of any child, regardless of the will and information of the owner and superior administration. The owner denies about any such authority rewarded to any of the staff.
The administration forces parents to not to hire a tutor for their children where as teachers ask parents to bring the tutor of the child at the time of P.T.M. (parent teacher meeting).

(All the above information is written after testimonial verification to the best of the knowledge of our investigation team. Accurate time, date and the names of teachers, children and parents experienced the above mentioned incident can be provided.)

If anyone of our visitors have faced such an issue then please write in to us by posting comments.

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